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      "I'm an American citizen," said the man proudly, "the same as the rest of you. My religion is Hebrew. I don't know and don't care what your religion is. Every man has the religion that suits him. My name is Rosenbaum. I did sell cloth in Posey County, unt all over Indianny. It was good cloth, too, unt I sold it at a bargain."Si Defies a Regiment 129

      "I don't care so much about convicting Riever so long as we raise a sufficient doubt to make a jury afraid to convict you!"

      "Shorty," said Si, "let's fire both together," and crack went their muskets.

      "Of course Riever has been entirely discreet in making his new announcement. He had it written out and sent it over to the Island last night to be posted up outside the store. His offer reads: 'Ten thousand dollars for the apprehension of Donald Counsell.' But everybody understands that it means dead or alive. Many of the men are armed."Then a cloud of white smoke hid both union and rebel lines, and from it came the sound as of thousands of carpenters hammering away industriously at nails.


      Si Being Worked for a 'good Thing.' 175



      "Much obliged," she said, trying to keep the note of irony out of her voice.