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      "Smart as we thought we wuz," said Si bitterly, "we played right into their hands. They tracked us down jest as if we'd bin a couple o' rabbits, and ketched us jest when they wanted us."


      'you Must'nt Kill a Wounded Man 143

      "Shorty, if you double your fist up at me," roared the irate Si, "I'll knock your head off in a holy minute."

      "DETAIL for guard to-morrow," sang out the Orderly-Sergeant, after he had finished the evening roll-call: "Bailey, Belcher, Doolittle, Elliott, Fracker, Gleason, Hendricks, Hummerson. Long, Mansur, Nolan, Thompson."

      "Yes," assented Shorty. "I wouldn't 've missed the sight for the best farm in the Wabash bottoms. It was worth marching 10 days in the mud and rain to see."

      Shorty was altogether too bashful to take advantage of the direct hint. Si's lively sisters filled him with a nervous dread of his social shortcomings. He grew very red in the face, hung back from them, and caught hold of the Deacon's arm.



      "I say the man had been crowned. I saw him crowned and the crown afterward knocked off. There's the crown by the side there."


      Now I mean to listen, and watch, and not suspect anybody, as if I had a dark suit and a light one to sell and Id wait to see who the different suits fitted!Cheered for their Royal Selves.