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      "Oh, don't you worry," said the lady blandly; "I like listening to you, and I was only waiting till you'd stopped before I introduced myself."

      "It is of no consequence who I am: and as to this mask, why! a man can work as well with it as without it."Reuben looked a little blank. None of the details of his great desire had hitherto struck him as vulgar.

      He accepted his position with a fairly good graceto complain would have made things worse for Tilly and the children. He was inclined privately to scoff at some of Reuben's ideas on farming, but even as he did so he realised the irony of it. He might have done otherwise, yes, but he was kicked out of his farm, the servant of the man whose methods he thought ridiculous.

      "Aye, it is Wat Turner," swinging round his club, and levelling a couple of those who were nearest; "and tell the doomed Calverley, if ever Wat Turner sets eyes upon him, we shall not part so easily as I now do from you!""The baron has pledged himself that, if your intelligence and services are such as you hinted at, you may claim your own reward."

      "Neither of my gals is going to be Mrs. Realf. I'd see her dead fust! And the fellers as spread about such ugly lying tales, I'll" and Reuben scowled thunderously at Coalbran, whom he had never forgiven since the scene in Rye Court-house.



      Mary saw that she had nothing to do but deny, and this she did most stoutly.


      "And since we talk of hanging," said Turner, "there is one" and he looked significantly at Holgrave"but, never mind; his time will come, Stephen!""I daresaybut I'm not your son or your daughter or your wife"