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      Some persons think it rather dismal, he said. But that, I think, is because of the story connected with it."I shall be only too happy to have your company," replied Unwick, courteously.

      Stop it, boys! he shouted in a leather-lunged voice. Stop it, or some of you will be plugging Her Majestys mail.

      At Dogs Ear Camp yesterday, continued Mr. Pinchook, I met a person called Bill the postman. Ierdo not know his other nameShe put on her hat and jacket, and went out into the[Pg 30] garden again, singing "La Lettre de Perichole" as she went. It was a capital idea to take refuge in her boat. If his lordship should callwhich was doubtfulsince he might be one of that numerous race of people whose days are made up of unfulfilled intentions and promises never realizedif he should call, she would be far away when he came. He would make his inquiry, leave his card, which would look nice in the old Indian bowl on the hall-table. Such cards have a power of flotation unknown to other pasteboard; they are always at the top.

      Trafford looked from one to the other in amazement. What is the matter? he demanded.That is, he will go out of fashion, and all those young ladies who are clustering round him, and smiling at him so sweetly and sadly, will forget him.


      "I can't help myself, Isola. Tho agony of doubt that I have gone through can only be set at rest in one way. It is so strange a thing, so impossible as it seems to me, that you should have visited your sister while I was away, although no letter I received from you contained the slightest allusion to that visitan important event in such a monotonous life as yoursand although no word you have ever spoken since my return has touched upon it; till all at once, at a moment's notice, when I tell you of your journey from London and the slander to which it gave occasionall at once you spring this visit upon me, as if I ought to have known all about it."


      No, she said, gravely. I dont know where he lives; I dont know whether hes alive at all. My guardian lives here sometimes. His name is Varley Howard. You may have heard of him, with a touch of pride. I am called after himEsmeralda Howard.The murmur rose again, and grew almost too loud for a sacred edifice, as she came in sight; and the women whispered among themselves in admiration of her beauty and the magnificence of her dress. It was a splendid procession, a vision of white loveliness accentuated by gleaming pearls and flashing diamonds, and those who had spent hours of weary waiting felt that they were receiving their reward.


      "My dear one, you are looking very ill," he said, with an anxious air."Let me go with you, and I may be able to distract his attentionif you don't want him to see that you have been crying."