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      No, I dont, she said. We havent got any lords in the camp. Weve got a man whos abaronetyes, thats it; but we dont call him lord; the boys call him Smifkens. I dont think thats his real name; but scarcely anybody goes by his right name in the camp, especially if its a grand one. They dont like grand names. I dare say theyll call you something different.

      Stop it, boys! he shouted in a leather-lunged voice. Stop it, or some of you will be plugging Her Majestys mail.

      Every hour of the day her study of the girl grew more intense in its interest. She had never seen any girl like her, and Esmeraldas manner and conduct completely upset all her preconceived theories. She had expected the girl to be confused, bewildered, overwhelmed by the novelty of her position. She had expected her to be painfully shy at times, and over-bold at others; but Esmeralda, though she had been suddenly plunged from the wilds of Australia into the whirlpool of society, seemed neither bewildered nor overwhelmed. She was not even shy; and, judging by her calmness, was not even dazzled by the sudden brilliance into which she had been thrust. And, strange to say, Lady Wyndover had actually overheard a certain illustrious personage, whose name may not be mentioned, describe Miss Chetwynde as good form.

      And you stood up against the whole camp for a dog? she said, with a note of admiration in her voice. Yes, she added, eying him thoughtfully; I should think you would. And then they hit you in the leg, and followed you up and fired at you from behind a bush. Thats like Dogs Ear. But just wait until I tell the boys. Theyll teach em to shoot at a friend of mine.

      Let three or four of the men go and bring the woman here.

      For the only consolation was that now the monsters were turning on each other; there were, in fact, more republicans than royalists in the [327] prisons. Every now and then some blood-stained miscreant was brought in amongst those whose homes he had wrecked, whose dear ones he had murdered, and whose fate he was now to share; while all shrunk in horror from him, or mocked and triumphed as he passed. When Chaumette, the high priest of the Revolution, one of the most blasphemous and blood-stained wretches of all, was brought to the Luxembourg, the prisoners would look through the little guichet where he was shut up, asking each other, Have you seen the wolf?


      The Princess turned pale, trembled, and held out the gold, saying



      The air was clear and cool upon this height, although the city below showed dimly through a hazy veil of almost tropical heat. Everywhere there was the odour of summer flowers, the overpowering sweetness of lilies of the valley, and great branches of lilac, white and purple, brimming over in the baskets of the flower-sellers.At length the Duke of Orlans came back, and in consequence of the persuasions of Mme. de Genlis he arranged that his daughter should be ordered by the doctors to take the waters at Bath, and they set off; Mademoiselle dOrlans, Mme. de Genlis, Pamela, and Henriette de Sercey, with their attendants, furnished with a passport permitting them to stay in England as long as the health of Mademoiselle dOrlans required. They started October 11, 1791, slept at Calais, and remained a few days in London in the house the Duc dOrlans had bought there; they went to Bath, where they stayed for two months.