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      Certainly not, my lady, he said. We will put it down. If at any time your ladyship should want anything, we shall be happy to send one of our young men down to Deepdale.


      Follow me, or by Zeus.... He did not finish the sentence, but his sinister glance left no doubt of his meaning.

      "Yes! to them God is good. How well you know that! And Anna, too, she's learning it--or she shall--dear Anna! Same time me, I am well content."

      The man looked up at her for a moment in silence.


      "No!" was the too eager reply, "It's here in the morning paper." They read the item. The visitor flashed as she dropped the sheet.


      On Saturday the two sides parleyed while Lovell withdrew his forces. On Sunday the Foreign Legion preserved order of a sort highly displeasing to "a plain sailor," as Farragut, on the Hartford, called himself, and to all the plain sailors of his fleet--who by that time may have been hard to please. On Monday the "plain sailor" bade the mayor, who had once been a plain stevedore, remove the city's women and children within forty-eight hours. But on Tuesday, in wiser mood, he sent his own blue-jackets, cutlasses, muskets and hand-dragged howitzers, lowered the red-and-yellow-striped flag of one star and on mint and custom-house ran up the stars and stripes. Constance and Miranda, from their distant roof, saw the emblem soar to the breeze, and persuaded Anna to an act which cost her as many hours as it need have taken minutes--the destruction of the diary. That was on the twenty-ninth of April.