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      "Does your son find his farm answer, dame?"He shrugged. "You know I don't."

      "You did well, Sam, in getting these shafts from Holgrave. You put the quiver up safe?there is no fear of his missing them?"

      "Mer-c-c-y! mer-c-c-y! oh! mercy, Stephen Holgrave!" gasped he, as, with a despairing effort, he attempted to unloose the death-hold.

      Suddenly the baby stiffened on her lap. The limbs became rigid, the face black. Then something rasped in its throat.Dodd found himself weeping, twisting himself in the chair; reaching out with his hands, violently racked in spasms of grief: it seemed as if the room shook and he grasped nothing until she put her hands on his shoulders. His eyes were blind with water, his body in a continual series of spasms. He heard his own voice, making sounds that had never been words, crying forfor what? Help, peace, understanding?

      In accordance with the laws of the Confederation, no weapons shall be used which destroy planetary mass.


      "See, see!" said Byles, pointing to the north-west."Oh, how can you speak to me so!" she gulped.


      Chapter 2"Johnny," she said, and her hands reached out for him blindly. He saw, incredibly, tears like jewels at the corners of her eyes. "Johnny"