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      FROM THE PAINTING BY F. GOODALL, R.A.It's Sunday night now, about eleven o'clock,

      `Jamais je ne t'oublierai.'

      10th Octobernoticed me yet. They room together and the Senior and I have singles.

      Vous etes un brick!

      if I possibly can; and winning this scholarship makes it so much easier.


      To these, in 1785, the Rev. Dr. Edmund Cartwright introduced a loom for weaving by water or steam power, which soon superseded hand-loom weaving. In 1803 Mr. H. Horrocks greatly improved this, and from this germ has grown up the system of weaving cottons, silks, and woollens by machinery. Add to this the application of similar machinery to calico-printing, and the like to weaving of lace, invented by Robert Frost, of Nottingham, or by a working mechanic of that town named Holmes, which afterwards received many improvements, and we have the varied means by which the manufacturing power of England was raised far above that of all the world; and which, reaching other countries in spite of legislative impediments, soon established similar manufactures in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and America. In Great Britain alone the importation of raw cotton was increased from 4,764,589 lbs. in 1771 to 151,000,000 lbs. in 1818; and such was the spread of trade of all kinds from the use of machinery, that our exports of manufactured goods in 1800, when the European nations were incapacitated for manufacturing by Napoleon's general embargo, amounted to 116,000,000.Very busy time--commencement in ten days, examinations tomorrow;


      It made me feel secure. I had such faith in Daddy's ability to set


      And he celebrates the compass in equally imposing heroicsWouldn't he make a nice villain for a detective story?