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      Well, I say you shall drink, at any rate, said Johnson, quietly; and he called for a glass of whisky and water.That was a joke. "H-m-m! I see! No, Greenleaf's going by train. Would you like to ride with me?"

      I have not wished you happiness, Miss Chetwynde, she said, with a smile that cost her much.Ill send up word to her, my lord, he said, as he showed the two gentlemen into the drawing-room.

      "Really, you know grandmama, sometimes me also I feel like that, when to smazh the furniture 't would be a delightful--or to wring somebody the neck, yes. But for us, and to-day, even to get a li'l' mad, how is that a possibl'?" She turned again, archly, to the brother, but flashed in alarm and sprang toward him.A duchess is a very great personage, even in England, he said.

      I dont understand, he said, gravely but gently. Do you feel lonelydull? I suppose a girljust taken from her friends, and entering on a new lifemust feel it. But, dearest, you are with me, with your husband

      The manager looked at him in surprise, but a little exclamation of Varleys, scarcely a word, not much more than a breath, spurred the manager to haste. He counted out the gold and put it in a bag, which Varley consigned to his pocket. Then, with a Thanks; hot, isnt it? he walked out. His reappearance was of course greeted with numerous offers to drink. Varley went to the nearest pub and tossed off a glass of whisky and water, then he rolled a cigarette and smoked it deliberately. His admirers watched him with curious and worshiping regard.


      It was, she said. She looked at him wistfully for a moment, thinking that if all were well between them, how she should like to tell him of Normans secret, how she should like to plan with him some way of giving Norman the money which would enable him to ask for Lilias; but she remembered the gulf between themthe sight of Ada leaning on the terrace rail reminded her forcibly of itand she remained silent. Trafford stood still, his face overcast, struggling against the growth of the suspicion which Ada had planted in his mind, and which Esmeraldas conduct and manner seemed to justify. She waited a moment or two as if to see if he wished to say anything more to her, then went into the house. As they passed her, Ada said: How hot it is! and Esmeralda made the proper response and gave a suitable smile. She met Lilias in the hall.


      No one suspected the truth, that husband and wife were divided by that gulf which had so suddenly opened between them on their wedding-night.